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“Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” —Dane Rudhyar

Daily 2011

Date: January 2, 2011

Power of eclipses

“Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” —Dane Rudhyar
It is a New Year, we might have made resolutions—ours to break or keep. I did not write annual horoscopes for the year. After penning those for the past 20 years I felt I needed something different. My resolution is to write a short piece about astrology and the sky each day; taking my cue from the Julia and Julie project... Astrology is so much more than the daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes. We each have a unique horoscope with planets, houses and the intricate web of connections between them. The Moon is waning in the sky, and we have a solar eclipse on Tuesday. My Astronomy Calendar states that this partial eclipse requires special glasses if you gaze upon it in Europe. Astrologically speaking, the eclipse takes place at 13°Capricorn39'. That is the degree of the Sun for those born January 4. We are in the Eclipse season, we had one just prior to Xmas. People still worry about eclipses and what omens they carry. Typically we can count on Mother Nature to reveal her awesome power; the weather has been extreme around the globe—floods in Australia, severe snow storms on the East coast of North America, and devastating rains in California. Around Vancouver, Canada the weather is seasonal so at the moment we are the lucky ones.


This year Canada Post is releasing twelve stamps to celebrate astrology. The first one will be released at the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries. This day, for the past two decades, has been the International Astrology Day. It is the beginning of the astrological year. The twelve stamped collector envelopes can be arranged to form the natural wheel astrologers have been using for thousands of years. How exciting—the year of Astrology. We already had one for astronomy. Not that long ago astronomers had to be conversant in astrology and naturally vice a versa. Read more about at the Canada Post site and make a note to pick up some of the stamps, which are the permanent kind. It is always a limited edition, I am glad the gals at the Fort Langley post office gave me a heads up about this.


I have been working on designing a brochure for the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild. We have our North Node at Tuesday's eclipse degree. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in October and have invited Robert Hand to present two talks and a workshop. It is a big event for us and naturally anyone interested in astrology is welcome to sign up for it.


Eclipses have a 19 year cycle, thus the most recent and the upcoming eclipse repeat from the change of year 1991-1992, before that December of 1972 and January 1973 and prior to that it was December 1953 and January 1954. I had reason to look at Oprah Winfrey's horoscope; she was born in January 1954, this eclipse degree was her prenatal eclipse. She just launched her own TV network, what a great way to use the power of an eclipse!

When we make choices about life, we become better at life. Most of us wonder through life on auto-pilot, following the well-beaten path. Astrology, I have found, is a powerful tool to help us grow into our potential. Thoughts are powerful. With this powerful New Moon choose to make resolutions you wish to keep—not for the benefit of others but for yourself. Set goals you want to achieve. Take a moment to meditate (read contemplate) what you desire out of life and this year. I am planning to.


January 3, 2011

Embracing Change

This year I am planning to pay more attention to the ever changing sky. To that end, I opted for an astronomy calendar. On a clear night I have a beautiful view directly due North. We live under a flight path, not just planes but birds, flocks of which often cover rooftops and the patches of grass that pass for backyards. Earth is at perihelion today, that means closest to the Sun for the year. Reality meets inspiration and/or divinity. Wonder if the Epiphany was assigned a day close to this annual event to coincide with our so ancient pagan practises of paying attention to the stars and natural phenomena. Epiphany takes place on the 6th. I realize it is a religious Christian observance, however, I remember a tradition of not clearing the Xmas decorations until that date, which is also known as the 12th day—thirteenth in Sweden. In Finland it is a statutory holiday that ends the seasonal celebrations. It's been around since the second century of the current era.


I live at the 49 th parallel, and here—naturally also farther North—the Sun does not climb very high during the winter. The Sun is gaining strength, the days, which belong to the Sun, are increasing in length. This began with the Winter Solstice on December 21; we also had a total lunar eclipse that day. I talked about eclipses a little bit in yesterday's commentary. We will have five more eclipses this year, not all of them are featured in the news.


The Sun is travelling through the sign of Capricorn as it does every year at this time. Astrologically speaking Capricorn has to do with career, obligations, reality and working toward our goals, slowly and steadily with clearly defined plans. It is ironical how in the past, at least in the Northern climes, we associated this with no growth of crops but learning to live using what we had harvested and made during the Autumn. Nowadays, we experience that cold shower of reality when the credit card bills arrive and we get our income slips for taxation purposes realizing how little we earned or how much we owe...


Sun in Capricorn, is an ideal time to make annual plans—only five—you need to be able to count them off with the fingers of one hand my Capricorn friends and clients declare. Which reminds me, I need to fire off cards to them—Capricorns do love tradition.


Venus is in Scorpio for another few days, as she has been for several months now—since September in fact. Because Venus does this only at eight year intervals, it is significant. We are given four months to ponder what is truly important and in the final days we find the resolve to make our choices. We will have this kind of intense Venus in Scorpio energy once again, eight years from now. It will begin in September of 2019! Venus is visible as a morning star about an hour before sunrise in the south-eastern sky. Venus is about to reach her greatest elongation from the Sun...


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